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Age at the time of production, Adriana Love 40


Mature Adriana is newly married to the much younger Lucas,but what she really wants is to fuck a black guy with a big dick, so the two of them have come to porn producer Giorgio’s studio. Lucas isn’t all that keen on the idea, and he doesn’t have much to say as Giorgio interviews the couple because he knows what’s coming. Adriana does a striptease and then Giorgio brings in a big-dicked, ebony stud to do the honors. The MILF gets right down to business sucking on the massive meat like her life depends on it. She licks the guy’s balls and shaft up and down and enjoys every inch of the African cock.Then the dude sits down on the sofa next to the stony silent Lucas, and Adriana jumps on to ride the stiff, black pole. The dark dick slides in and out of her white cunt as she moans with pleasure, and poor Lucas can do nothing but watch helplessly as a black man satisfies his wife in a way that Lucas could never hope to. Adriana then gets on all fours and takes the pulsing prick back up her sloppy slit as the black guy fucks her hard from behind, and Lucas lowers his head in shame. “Come on, harder,” his wife shouts as Lucas bites his hand to keep from crying and the stud pushes his erection ever deeper into Adriana’s twat, her head now resting on Lucas’s lap as she gets ravaged in missionary position. At last, the black guy jacks off on Adriana’s lips, and she tells Giorgio that she wants TWO black guys next time! Lucas just covers his eyes and tries to disappear. ... (click for more)



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No clean up means it is either hotwife or voyeur but not really cuckold. Shame! This is not true DOTHEWIFE.
Feb. 4, 2024, 2:30 a.m.