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Age at the time of production, Olivia Grace 18


Cherry, is a sweet, young, tiny titted nubile nymphet with silky long blond hair, who tries to awaken her sleeping young stallion with some tender kisses, but when they fail to arose him from his slumber, she decides that the best way to get him up is to get him up! So she wraps her tender, pouty young lips around his morning wood, sucking his cock candy until her boy is up and ready to return the favor, having her sit on his face so he can enjoy a breakfast of champions. Once her delicious looking, shaved snatch is nice and wet, she sits on his raging fuck-pole for a passionate reverse cowgirl that turns her smoldering desire into a raging inferno whose flames her stud continues to feed with some hard pounding spoon that makes her scream in exaltation. Consumed by her lust, she climbs back on top in cowgirl, giving us a jaw dropping view of her sweet, round, onion ass that is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes as the guy thrusts his prodigious pecker into her like a jack hammer, cranking up the volume of her screaming orgasms until they are loud enough to wake the neighbors. Finally, he blows an internal pop into her hungry hole, leaving us to watch his bountiful creampie slowly oozing out of her pretty young pussy. ... (click for more)