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Age at the time of production, Ana Bell Evans 21


Anabelle is a cute girl-next-door European brunette with a dick-hardening T&A body who is driving with her husband when they pull over to pick up a black man that they see on the street, convincing him to fuck her while her hubby watches back at their place. Once home, she changes into sexy bra, panties, stockings, and garters, then unfurls her ebony lover’s inky black demon cock from the confines of his pants and proceeds to savor sucking his massive meat stick with sluttish glee. Being the nasty slut that she is, she works her tight bunghole onto his ebony tower of power in anal reverse cowgirl. Looking down at her hubby as he licks her clit, she moans in rapture. With her husband underneath her in doggie licking her clit, her swarthy Lothario rams his coal black demon dick into her pussy then asshole in doggie, driving her into an intoxicated, dick- altered state as she moans in rapture. Her sable stud continues to alternate between brutishly pummeling his jet black monster cock into her pussy and asshole in spoon while her faithful hubby continues to lick her clit as she moans in an altered state of sluttish revelry. Returning to anal reverse cowgirl, she begs her dark stud for his cum and, shortly after he moves his titanic tool to her pussy, he deposits a hefty creampie, which slowly oozes out, dripping into the mouth of her hapless hubby as she straddles his face. He then shares it with her in a sweet snowball kiss. ... (click for more)



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YES! The vaginal cum deposit to be felched into husband's mouth before partially receiving it back through kisses. And Ana is so nice - she thanks the husband for the experience and the kisses. More like these please!
Feb. 4, 2024, 3:45 a.m.


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Jan. 20, 2020, 12:25 a.m.