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Mature Plus Machine Equals Orgasm

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Age at the time of production, Jamie Foster 49


Jamie is a tall short-haired blond golden granny with the body of a twenty year-old, doing a solo masturbation scene with the Fuck 6000 mechanical fucking machine. The scene begins with her sharing an interesting background story of her lifelong fantasy of having sex with a machine, which she has had since she was a teen, as she shows off her all-natural vintage body. She then relishes having the 6000 fuck her mouth while she rubs her clit and pinches her nipples to get her juices flowing. Laying back on the couch, she starts off with the 6000 slowly fucking her bald hungry harlot’s hole, pleasantly surprised at how good it feels, and then she gradually increases the speed, having the 6000 fuck her harder and faster as she arches her hips to hump its silicon prick, pummeling her pussy while moaning ecstatically. Her erect engorged clit bares witness to how much she’s enjoying it. Once she’s past the half way point on the controller so the 6000 is pile driving its prick into her, elated euphoric moans fill the room in sluttish jubilation. Moving into doggie, we get a great view of her fine firm ass as she thrusts back onto it, moaning wildly like a bitch in heat as it relentlessly pounds her ever harder, sending her into a howling, yelping, dick- revelry. Finally, she decides to move back onto her back so she can better see the 6000’s indefatigable prick zealously slamming her gluttonous man trap as she erupts in a volcanic, moaning, wailing, screaming orgasm. ... (click for more)