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Age at the time of production, Leenuh Rae 19


Leenuh, is a seductive, brunette, submissive slut, who an apparent brawny, black burglar discovers bound, gagged, and wrapped in cellophane, on the couch. Those with an SM/DS fetish, will enjoy his long, slow, teasing, spanking removal of her restraints, that frees her body, and her unbridled, primal passions. When he unfurls his ginormous demon dick, she ravenously sucks it, with gluttonous demonish hunger, relishing his firmly face fucking her, as she valiantly struggles, to shove every inch down her throat. After a steamy 69, he mounts her on, his ebony tower of power, in cowgirl, as her full, round ass, wildly humps him, while she moans ecstatically. Laying her on her side, he barbarously slams his titanic tool, into her pussy, as she moans and wails, in orgiastic exultation. After sucking her slut sauce, from his dork, she sits her rosy ass on it, in side saddle, as his meat missile shots into her, while she moans and cries out, in lecherous jubilation. Putting her in anal doggie, he brutishly pounds his demon cock into her, with savage fury, propelling her into a moaning, yelping dick stupor. She then slams her asshole, onto his pork sword, in anal cowgirl, then anal reverse cowgirl, lost in a moaning, shrieking, altered state of sexual delirium. Having had his fill, his prick spews a geyser of goo, into her mouth, and all over her face, which she savors swallowing, with sluttish, submissive pride, beaming through her big, glazed smile. ... (click for more)