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27 Jul 2018


Age at the time of production, Angel Wicky 23, Gabriella Daniels 18, Tiffany 30


Angel is stunning, mega titted, blonde, nympho, with an awesome T&A body. She seductively plays, with herself, before bouncing her ass, onto a ginormous dildo, while moaning elatedly. Gabriella’s a pretty, brunette, with a tanned, toned body, fucks her ass, with huge dildo, as well. Then Tiffany, a tall, raven haired, strumpet, fucks Gaby with the dildo, until she explodes in a screaming orgasm, as Angel’s frenzied fucking, of her pussy and ass, prompts her own volcanic orgasm. Then while Gaby is drilling the dildo, into Tif’s ass, four hung studs, join this carnal coupling. With passions ablaze, the girls wantonly suck their demon cocks, with sluttish hunger, gusto, and glee. Their studs, then lick their pussies, and fuck thier cunts’s, mouths, and assholes, with fiery fervor, with two guys frequently fucking a girl’s mouth and pussy, at once, while the girls moan and wail, in orgiastic exultation. The guys also synchronously slam thier demon dicks, into the girl’s pussy and ass, for some incendiary DP’s, catapulting them, into a moaning, shrieking dick delirium, as orgasmic tsunamis, engulf them all. This screaming volcanic fuckfest, may have set a world record, for the most orgasm, at a single party. Even one guy, cums early, painting Tif’s pretty pussy, but he continues, fucking like a pro. Every cock, fucks every hole, every way imaginable, until geysers of goo are unleashed, into the girl’s mouths, which they then share, in a gooey three way kiss. ... (click for more)




Wonderful Girls!! Great orgy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was there and would have participated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
March 6, 2020, 11:02 p.m.


1080p video file download playback is corrupted from 1:10:06 forward.
June 29, 2019, 7:45 p.m.