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Two Young Birds Perch On a Prick

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Age at the time of production, Emily Bender 19, Shelley Bliss 18


Emily, a tall, rambunctious brunette, passionately kisses, and caresses, Shelly, a tall, fiery, tattooed, redheaded vixen, as a hapless stud voyeuristically spies on them, until they catch him, and drag him to bed, to join in, their amorous antics. Consumed by thier wanton passions, the girls sensually, savor, sucking his potent prick, with sluttish epicurean delight, as if, it were the most delicious thing, that they had ever tasted. Emily then, moans and squeal, in lecherous jubilation, as she wildly slams her cunt, onto him, in reverse cowgirl, as he fiercely fires, his prick into her, while Shelly, licks his balls, and frantically fingers her clit. Then Shelly, goes for a wild ride in cowgirl, moaning and yelping ecstatically, as her tender round ass, vigorously humps him, while Emily, now licks his balls. Putting the girls, in a stunning 69, he barbarously pounds his monster cock, into Emily, in doggie, as she moans and howls, in a dick crazed delirium, as multiple screaming, gut wrenching orgasms burst forth, while Shelly, licks her clit from below. Emily, stays in doggie, as Shelly slides underneath her, in missionary, so that, he can alternately plumb the depths of both thier hungry holes, while they moan and shriek, in lascivious jubilation. To quench, thier thirst for lust, he fires a jet stream of jism, into and all over thier mouths, leaving them, happily glazed and dazed. ... (click for more)