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Two Genies Make Katty’s DP Wishes Come True

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Age at the time of production, Katty West 24


Katty is a charming young, precocious, small breasted, brunette, tasty tart, who gets a large, long necked vase delivered, which reminds her, of the long cocks that she craves, so she starts playfully stroking it, and out pop two, brawny genies, to make her cock craving wishes come true. After using their magic fingers, to ignite her smoldering passions, she gluttonously sucks their colossal cocks, with greedy gusto, glee, and sluttish determination. Moving her into doggie, one brutishly pounds his monster cock into her, while the other stuffs her mouth, with his savory sausage, as she moans ecstatically. Then, she frantically humps his pleasure pole, while sucking the other, as she moans and cries out, in orgiastic exultation. Switching cocks, she continues her wild ride, in anal reverse cowgirl, while sucking one, as the other fiercely fires his cock, into her ass, making her moan and wail, in salacious jubilation. Her horny genies, then ferociously fuck her mouth and ass, in anal spoon, as she moans and yelps, with untethered, fiery passions. They then, treat her to a vigorous cowgirl DP, that sends her into a moaning, screeching, dick revelry. In a magical acrobatic feat, they lift her, for a standing DP, as they ferociously bounce her pussy and asshole, onto their humongous pricks, as she moans and shrieks, in depraved rapture, until they spray their joy juice, into her mouth, and all over her face, leaving her, looking like a happy, glazed donut. ... (click for more)