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Sarah Is A Bewitching Anal Addicted Sexual Siren

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Age at the time of production, Sarah Suetry 31


Sarah’s an exquisite, young, tall, statuesque, brunette siren, with a tanned, toned body, tiny tits, and mesmerizing eyes. Starting off naked, she dresses, for her man, who quickly undresses her, upon his arrival, with some torrid foreplay. With him sitting in a chair, she stands up, resting one foot, on the dresser behind him, then lowers her sweet, bald, honeyed hole, onto his talented tongue, moaning lustfully, as he eats his way, to her heart. Her heavenly ass fervently humps him, in cowgirl, as she moans and cries out, in salacious exultation. Then, she gluttonously sucks her pussy juice, off of his demon cock, in a frenzied fervor. With her lying on her back, with one leg over his shoulder, he potently plows his titanic tool, into her while she moans and wails, in wanton jubilation. Then, she cries out, with impassioned ardor, as he brutishly drills his demon dick into her, in spoon. With her lying, on her side, he stands before her, barbarously slamming his monster cock into her, igniting a thunderous, screaming orgasm. He then, pile drives his cock into her ass, while she bellows and bawls, with raw, unchained, passions. Leaning her over a desk, in standing doggie, he barbarically pounds his colossal cock, into her ass, rocketing her, into a moaning, howling, dick delirium, that culminates in a glorious, gut wrenching orgasm. Cooling her off, he fires a jet stream of jism, into her mouth, and all over her face, leaving her happily, glazed and dazed. ... (click for more)