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Adriana Cooks Up Wicked Cream Pie

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Age at the time of production, Adriana Love 40


Adriana’s a sultry, blonde, golden granny, with raging, incendiary passions. She sucks a ginormous dildo like thing, to lube it up, before bouncing her asshole onto it, in reverse cowgirl, while moaning ecstatically. When her dark lover enters, she ravenously sucks his inky black, colossal cock, with wanton, demonish hunger, gusto, and experienced, oral aptitude. Then, he lays her down, vehemently plowing his demon cock, into her mostly bald pussy, that is topped, with a thin, well cropped, landing strip, before driving it, up her back alley, as she moans and cries out, in hedonistic exultation. Her fickle, ebony stud cannot make up his mind, constantly switching back and forth, between ardently drilling her pussy and asshole, with fiery fervor, as she begs for more, moaning and screeching, in depraved rapture. After she voraciously sucks her ass juice, from his dingus, she zealously slams her asshole, onto his towering tool, in anal reverse cowgirl, while moaning and squealing, in sluttish jubilation. Once she is in anal doggie, he fervently slams his monster cock, into her ass and pussy, as she moans and yelps, like a girl in heat, until he deposits a hefty cream pie, in her ass, that oozes out, in rivulets of goo. ... (click for more)