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Bonnie Is a Blonde, Buxom, Filthy British Maid

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21 Nov 2021


Age at the time of production, Bonnie Rose 26


Bonnie is a beautiful, buxom, blonde, tattooed, filthy, British maid. Initially, she is appalled by her employer’s overt, sexual harassment, but after a few hard spanks, her lewd and lascivious longings are aroused. After assertively man handling her, he orders her to masturbate her shaved snatch, which she spouts a litany of lewd demands, while he strokes his gargantuan cock. With her passions set ablaze, he orders her to suck his cock clean, so naturally, she voraciously sucks his demon cock, with , demonish hunger, gusto, and adept, oral artistry, elevating her ravenous cock sucking to an art form, while reveling in his dominantly face fucking her. Then, he has her sit on his face, giving her a good tongue lashing, which makes her moan and shriek, like a girl in heat. Next, he barbarously slams his monster cock into her in doggie, as she moans and howls, with raw, uncaged, passions, begging for more. After gluttonously sucking his cock clean, as she miraculously deep throats every stony inch, he brutishly slams his titanic tool into her torrid twat, as she moans and screams, in depraved jubilation. She then wildly slams her greedy cunt onto his gargantuan, meat missile in reverse cowgirl, moaning and crying out in libidinous exultation. Naturally, he makes a mess jacking off, spewing his spluge onto her boobs, and the table, which he then orders her to lick clean. Being a paragon of slutdom, she wantonly savors licking up his cum, with relish. ... (click for more)