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Tara Is a Stunning Sexual Tutor

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Age at the time of production, Tara Spades 39


Tara is an enticing, golden haired, MILF with a bodacious tone, taut, T&A body. When her stepson asks his father for some pointers on how to sexually satisfy his new girlfriend, but his father has to leave for work. Consequently, Tara, his stepmother, decides to show him how it is done. Offering him her pussy, he earnestly practices licking with impassioned zeal, while she moans approvingly. Next, she shows him how an experienced woman sucks cock. As an adept, connoisseur of cock, she sensually savors sucking his colossal cock with sluttish, epicurean relish. Then, she mounts his turgid tool in cowgirl, wantonly humping him with impassioned zeal, as she races towards her lascivious Elysian. Moving into doggie, she urges him to pound her as hard as he can while she moans and shrieks with unchained, animalistic passions. Subsequently, he plows his titanic tool into her hungry hole with fiery fervor, while she frantically fingers her clit, moaning and screaming with untethered, raw, bestial passions, as she frantically fingers her pulsating clit, moaning and screeching, in an intoxicated, dick-drunk delirium. Finally, he unleashes a geyser of goo onto her stomach, for a gorgeous, gooey finale. ... (click for more)