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Plumper Pumpin' Six-Way

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39 min

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Age at the time of production, Chanel Barbie 26, Hayley Grey 28, Rose LaReine 27


Three’s company but six is a party, with Haley, a vivacious, big-titted, tattooed, brown-haired, heavy honey, sporting a nostalgic, fur-burger. Rose, an alluring, big-boobed, tattooed and pierced, brunette, chubby beauty. And Chanel, a vivacious, mega-titted, flaxen-haired, large-bodied lass, joined by two swarthy studs, Lawerence and Rogue, with the Dean of Decadence, Jay. Stuck in detention, our horny trio is too much for Professor Lawrence, so he calls the Dean, Jay, but these wanton wenches overwhelm them. As things heat up, Rogue stumbles in lost and decides to stay. After some steamy foreplay, Rose and Chanel ravenously suck Jay and Lawrence’s titanic tools, with rapacious, sluttish avarice, gusto, glee, and A+ oral acumen. Famished, Haley voraciously sucks Rogue’s inky-black, demon dick with adroit, oral aptitude. She then lies on a desk, while Lawerence vehemently plows her hairy hooch, as she moans and cries out in X-rated exultation. Meanwhile, Rogue brutishly drills his gargantuan prick into Rose bent over a desk, moaning and yelping like a girl in heat. And, Jay savors fucking Channel’s bald, mantrap, while she lies on the desk, moaning ecstatically. The girls gluttonously suck up every errant, monster cock into their greedy mouths and cunts, as their lusty moans fill the room. Finally, our dark knights paint Rose and Haley’s tongues with cum, which the girls savor swallowing, with sluttish relish. And, Jay graces Chanel with a cream pie, for a tasty finale. ... (click for more)