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Victoria's BBC Craving Earns Her A Facial

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21 Dec 2022


Age at the time of production, Victoria Summers 24


Victoria is an irresistible brunette with blonde streaks, and a jaw-dropping, T&A body. Unable to control their lust, she and her dark prince sneak into the restroom of a bar to quench her jungle fever. Without wasting time on foreplay, she ravenously sucks his inky black, monster cock, with , demonish hunger, gusto, glee, and adept, oral virtuosity. Bending her over the sink, he barbarously slams his sable, demon cock into her in standing doggie, as she moans and howls, with uncaged, demonistic passions. Then, he sits her on the sink, as he brutishly drives his gargantuan, ebony, pork sword into her, making her moan and squeal in orgiastic exultation. After more ferocious fucking in standing doggie, he unleashes a fountain of spluge, drenching her face, with a downpour of thick, creamy-white cum. ... (click for more)