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Age at the time of production, Hayley Grey 28


Haley is an eye-catching, bubbly, big-boobed, tattooed, heavy honey, with an irresistible smile and a yummy, fur burger. After introducing herself, she quickly strips, briefly flaunts her assets, then sits down to vigorously massage her love button with a vibrator, groaning and moaning ecstatically, as she frenetically fucks her torrid twat, ushering in a cavalcade of eyes rolling back in her head, squealing volcanic orgasms. Being a greedy slut, she savors sucking her pussy juice from the vibrator, then a large dildo, while fingering her insatiable fun factory, before using the saliva-lubed dildo to ferociously fuck herself to another orgasm. Being a cum junkie, she uses the vibrator on her clit, while furiously fucking her voracious cunt, she explodes in one gut-wrenching orgasm after the other, cumming so hard that her past lives probably came. Moving into doggie, she wantonly humps the dildo, as she fucks herself moaning and yelping with uncaged, demonistic passions, as a non-stop torrent of mind-blowing orgasms continues bursting forth. In conclusion, she sits back, sucking her pussy cum off the dildo, while playing with her fun bags, as she gives us all the info to follow her online. ... (click for more)