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Lost Homework

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25 min

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Age at the time of production, Mackenzie Mace 21


When the Birthday Clown finds Mackenzie in her living room, he's sad to see that the adorable schoolgirl is looking quite downcast. He asks her what's wrong, and discovers that she's lost her homework and is desperate to find it before the deadline for turning it in arrives. After aimlessly spinning around the house, the two of them are no closer to reclaiming the lost paper than they were at the beginning. Thinking outside of the box as he always does, the clown whips out his favourite tool and suggests that Mackenzie should start sucking if she hopes to locate her homework. Confused, the hot teen obliges his request. And after having all three of her holes stuffed to perfection, she is pleasantly surprised to find that her assignment has been beneath the couch she's been riding dick on all along! ... (click for more)