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His Wife Fucks a Black Guy

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Age at the time of production, Lina Arian 27


Lina’s a lovely raven-haired European sexpot with a fit, toned body who spies a black stud in the park and, with her husband in tow, goes over to talk the dude into coming back to their place to fuck her while her hubby watches. Once there, it doesn’t take long for her to get him out of his pants so she can savor sucking his humongous inky black demon cock with epicurean delight. Greedy for more, she mounts her bald hungry honey pot on his towering tool in reverse cowgirl, slamming her cunt onto him with fiery, feral fervor, moaning and screaming in sluttish jubilation as she explodes in multiple screaming orgasms. When the swarthy Lothario moves his jet black demon dick into her ass, it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire, as her husband licks her clit while she rams her asshole onto the guy’s cock. When they move into doggie, her husband crawls underneath to lick her clit while their ebony stud slams his demon dick into first her pussy then her asshole as she moans, squeals, and screams in orgiastic exultation and a cavalcade of gut-wrenching, primal, feral orgasms rip through her. Rolling her into spoon, he drills his monster cock into her ravenous pussy then asshole with fury while her hubby continues licking her clit diligently and her rampant moans and screams fill the room as screaming, banshee-like orgasms erupt non-stop. The dude pulls out at last, cumming all over her belly, which the hubby licks up and feeds his wife in a gooey snowball kiss. ... (click for more)



woof woof

Amazing - love the clean up and cum kiss between hubby and wife. More of these scenes please.
Feb. 4, 2024, 7:18 a.m.


wow she hot sexy gay woman she likes in her anal
Oct. 7, 2020, 2:52 a.m.


Please please more of this Lina is great . i love the look of surprise when she sees the size of the cock but please a little more dialogue such as, Do you mind darling if I suck his cock, are you sure you dont mind. Oh god can i stick it in my ass you know you never do that to me and it would be nice.
Sept. 2, 2017, 3:34 p.m.