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Rectal Rendezvous

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Age at the time of production, Kerry Cherry 32


Kerry is a young, incendiary, brunette, hard bodied, tantalizing temptress, with delectable tiny tits, who makes wearing glasses look super sexy. Her virile stud interrupts her making coffee, to ignite her fiery passions, with his amorous kisses and caresses, which seems to do the trick, as she is soon voraciously sucking his stoney shaft, with wild demonish hunger, and gusto. He returns the favor, by earnestly licking her bald honeyed hole, as she writhes and moans ecstatically. Ready for more, he pile drives his potent prick into her in missionary, making her moan and wail, with unbridled, primal passions. Planted on his prick in cowgirl, she moans and shrieks in orgiastic exultations, as her fine, firm, round ass, frantically humps him, racing to her libidinous Avalon, like a jack rabbit on speed. Laying her on her side, he brutishly drills his steely shaft into her sweet little asshole, as she moans and cries out, in a wanton state of impassioned sexual delirium, smiling with sluttish glee. Continuing his anal assault, in a standing doggie, he barbarously slams his beefy battering ram into her, as she moans and howls like a bitch in heat, erupting into a volcanic screaming orgasm. To cool her off, he lets loose a geyser of goo, into and all over her mouth, leaving her happily, glazed and satiated. ... (click for more)