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Brunette Loves Black Guy in Her Ass

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Age at the time of production, Luscious Lopez 26


Luscious, is a tall, sultry, raven haired, dominant siren. After seductively flaunting her bodacious body, as we worshipfully gaze upon her pretty, bald pussy, and sumptuous, full, round ass, she goes to a blindfolded, bound, black slave, telling him how she will use him, for her pleasure, before sitting on his face, ordering him worship her pussy and asshole, in oral servitude. Then in a display of impressive oral prowess, she masterfully sucks, his inky black demon cock, with ravenous, sluttish gluttony. Obeying her, he brutishly slam his demon dick, into her, in standing doggie, as she moans and cries out ecstatically, grinding and throwing, her big round ass, back onto him, like a bitch in heat. Squatting on his inky black, tower of power, her full, round ass, passionately humps him, moaning and wailing, with unbridled primal passions. Wanting more, she ferociously slams her voracious asshole, onto his meat missile, in anal reverse cowgirl, moaning and shrieking, with unchained, , passions. After easily deep throating him, to savor sucking her ass juice, from his dork, she resumes her wild ride, in anal cowgirl, moaning and screeching, in sluttish jubilation, as she zealously humps him. As she lies on her back, on the table, he stands before her, barbarically hammering his titanic tool, into her ass, as she squeals and bellows, in a dick revelry. Then she sucks him off, savoring swallowing his cum, before rewarding him, with some more face sitting. ... (click for more)




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March 5, 2020, 12:32 p.m.