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Age at the time of production, Jenny Baby 20


Jenny, is a gorgeous, vivacious, pint sized MILF, with an athletic, toned, taut body, and effervescent smile. After her man amorously, extricates her, from her cute baseball uniform, she voraciously, relishes sucking, his steely shaft, with sluttish, epicurean glee, and deft oral artistry, while reveling, in being firmly, face fucked. Her brawny stud, then earnestly licks, her bald, honeyed hole, as she moans euphorically. Mounting his demon cock, in reverse cowgirl, she exuberantly slams, her man trap onto him, with impassioned zeal, while moaning and crying out, in licentious exultation. Coquettishly, she savors, sucking her pussy juice, from his dork, while effortlessly, deep throating him, before he vehemently drills, his colossal cock, into her pretty pussy, in spoon, as she moans and yelps, in lascivious jubilation. He then, potently pounds, his prodigious prick into her, in standing doggie, while she moans and howls, with unbridled lust. With his demon cock, crammed up her ass in cowgirl, she moans and squeals, ecstatically, while passionately humping him, with fiery fervor. Once in doggie, she moans and howls, in rapture, as he pile drives his big dick, into her ass. Resuming her wanton ride, in anal reverse cowgirl, she moans and shrieks, in a depraved, debauched delirium, until he unleashes a geyser of goo, into her mouth, and all over her face, which she coyly, savors swallowing, with kittenish mirth. She is the most adorable, cum covered cutie, in existence. ... (click for more)