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Emily Has The Most Rapturous Orgasms Imaginable

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Age at the time of production, Emily Bender 19


Emily is a sultry, young, brunette nymph, who is lost, but when a stud comes to her aid, she brings him back, to her place to show her appreciation. After some amorous kissing and fondling, he lavishly licks her bald, honeyed hole, trying to lick his way, to her heart. With her passions set ablaze, she sensually, savors sucking, his potent prick, with earnest, epicurean relish, and sluttish gluttony. Hungry for more, she mounts his fuckpole in cowgirl, her fabulous, tight, round ass, ardently humps him, moaning and crying out, in salacious exultation, as she gallops, to her hedonistic Valhalla. He then, lies her down in missionary, vehemently plowing, his titanic tool, into her quivering quim, as she moans and wails, in jubilation, as she explodes, in multiple, beatific, screaming, body convulsing orgasm. Moving her into doggie, he barbarously pounds his monster cock into her, as she moans and howls, with unbridled, primal passions, as screaming, deep, volcanic orgasms, continue to erupt. Rolling her into spoon, he barbarically, drills his demon dick into her, with savage fury, catapulting her, into a moaning, yelping, intoxicated, sexual delirium, as her screaming, exorcism worthy orgasmic tsunamis, continue to engulf her. He rewards her, by firing a jet stream of jism, into her mouth, then she savors, sucking every last drop, from his dick, with relish. ... (click for more)